The SSE Hydro, Glasgow

The SSE Hydro

Glasgow Harbour is a 20 year regeneration programme. This ambitious masterplan brings leisure, commercial and housing development to the city’s riverside. SSE Enterprise invested in the gas and electricity network, giving the area its world class ‘get up and glow’.

Unlikely as it seems, the world’s music scene is lit up by a major attraction nestling by the river Clyde.* Energised by high voltage connections created by SSE Enterprise, the venue can shift from its light baseline load to 4MW for a high-powered pop performance. As for many commercial organisations, energy is a critical function in show business. Audiences can enjoy the show with confidence because the venue itself enjoys a resilient power supply. But that’s not the only kind of security we give you. We can also offer flexible energy contracts to help your business plan for the future.

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* Ranked 3rd in ‘Top 100 Worldwide Arena Venues’ review by Pollstar

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