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Predictability. That’s what the Met Office seeks every day. Pulling live weather data from hundreds of thousands of locations across the globe, their computers perform over 1,200 teraflops* to give the world better forecasts. That’s why the resilience of their power systems and data networks are critical.

We’ve been working with the Met Office since 2006. As you might predict, their supercomputers place serious demands on infrastructure – and not just in terms of heavy current. Millions of customers and people around the world rely on the Met Office. In turn, hundreds of their scientists depend on us for robust power systems and reliable data networks. We’re experienced in high voltages and big data, but we’re also at home with high security. And, like the Met Office itself, we’re always ready for tomorrow’s challenge – whether that’s developing smart lighting or reprogramming a handset.

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* A teraflop is a trillion calculations per second.

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