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With eight campuses stretched across the UK, The University of Law needs to ensure researchers, students and lecturers can collaborate as if they are under one roof. Our answer: a flexible VPLS Ethernet solution with high bandwidth.

The outcome

We worked with the University of Law to deliver a completely new Ethernet networking solution that would support researchers, students and lecturers at its sites in Birmingham, Bristol, Chester, Guildford, London Bloomsbury, London Moorgate, Manchester and York. Our Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS), Ethernet wide area networking service and flexible Internet access enables the University’s staff and students to communicate as though they were all on the same campus – an essential requirement for the world’s leading professional law school.

We provided a VPLS solution, delivering high bandwidth, high availability connectivity between all eight sites, allowing students and lecturers to collaborate and learn together, wherever they might be based. The new Internet access services support the collaborative nature of the law school’s approach, facilitating learning partnerships with leading law firms across the globe. The agility of our solution was also important to the university as it is relocating its site in York to Leeds in 2014, in order to be at the centre of the thriving legal community in the city. Our flexible, high bandwidth VPLS network topology will seamlessly accommodate the transition of students and staff from one location to the other during the move and well into the future.

The challenge

At the very heart of the University of Law’s requirement was the need to support tutors and students with always-on, performance optimised inter-site connectivity and Internet access. The speed of the network should facilitate, not restrict, the growing collaborative needs of the students and as a globally visible institution, the reputation of the university should be protected from embarrassing service outages.

We worked closely with the university to understand its current needs as well as its long-term aims. To meet these requirements, we delivered a VPLS solution, a high bandwidth network offering an initial 500Mb to every site, and an Internet service that rapidly scales to meet growing international demand for the university’s courses.

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