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SSE Enterprise Utilities has won a long term contract with Cube Housing Association to design, build, own and operate a district heating system for more than 1,500 properties at the Wyndford Estate in Maryhill, Glasgow. The scheme is one of the largest projects of its kind in the UK. 

Built on the site of what was the former Highland Light Infantry Barracks, the homes are a mix of multi-storey flats and maisonettes built in the early 1960s and are currently heated by old and inefficient electric storage heaters. These will be replaced by a new, modern, efficient central heating and hot water system, helping to alleviate fuel poverty and provide significant carbon savings.

SSE Enterprise Utilities, in partnership with Vital Energi, will construct a new on-site Energy Centre, housing a 1.2MWe Combined Heat and Power (CHP) engine, gas boilers and thermal storage which will provide all the hot water and heating for the properties on site. An extensive 5km underground network of new insulated pipes transports the hot water throughout the development. The hot water is delivered to the taps and radiators via a heat interface unit (HIU) in each property, negating the need for tenants to have individual boilers.

The electricity generated by the CHP will be exported to the local grid. CHP achieves an efficiency of around 85% for the combined production of electricity and heat at the point of use. More than 3,500 tonnes per year of carbon will be saved by the district heating project which represents almost 60% saving compared to the existing electric heating and hot water systems in the homes.

As the heating system saves so much carbon, Cube has been able to secure CESP funding for the new heat infrastructure and wall cladding works for most of the multi-storey blocks in the estate.

In addition SSE Enterprise Utilities has brought capital investment to the scheme to further reduce infrastructure costs for Cube Housing Association.
SSE Enterprise Utilities will own and operate the entire heat system up to and including the HIU and heat meters within each customer’s property. SSE Enterprise Utilities will provide a full ESCo service, including heating customer service for Cube’s tenants on site. This will include: 24/7/365 response for heat service issues; guaranteed standards of service, mirroring those in regulated electricity and gas networks; meter reading; billing; including direct debit, e-billing, Post Office and cheque options; assistance with payment difficulties

SSE Enterprise Utilities also takes on a number of key project risks:

• Customer heat demand
• Customer debt risk
• Long term energy price fluctuation risk
• Operating cost risk

SSE Enterprise Utilities and Cube have worked closely together to ensure that heat charges are cost effective and that normal users of heat will be better off with the new system.


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