Salt Union

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Salt Union are owned by Compass Minerals Company, based in Kansas, USA. 

SSE Enterprise Utilities were approached by the client to design and build a large electrical network to service the expansion to the existing rock salt mine in Winsford, Scotland. In order to meet the huge electrical demand, SSE Enterprise Utilities installed a 12MVAPrimary Substation to service the site. In 2012, the customer was granted planning permission for two further tunnels which will extend the operational life of the mine up to 2047 and are expected to be in full production in the new mine by 2015. Following completion of major diversion works, SSE Utilities installed approximately 2km of offsite approach mains network, together with the design and installation of a new 12MVA Primary Sub Station to service the development. In addition SSE Utilities has provided an overview of the design and reconfiguration of the clients existing private network to ensure compliance with SSE standards.

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