SSE and Dimplex revolutionise storage heating

Quantum heating

SSE has been busy working with Glen Dimplex over the past two years to produce a storage heating solution that turns these preconceptions on their head. Production has now started of heaters that provide full control to users and a unique energy storage solution for the grid.

The new Quantum heaters are energy and cost efficient – customers could potentially save 25% on heating costs. They are also future proof, meaning that news demand-side management will be possible with the addition of a small hub, similar to a broadband router, with the advent of smart metering. Crucially, this will enable SSE to store excess capacity from renewable generation sources like wind in thousands of properties with Quantum heaters when demand is low.

Stevie Adams, SSE’s Quantum Project Manager, explained that prototype heaters were trialled in 20 properties in preparation for last winter, predominantly in existing homes in Perth but also in SSE’s pioneering zero carbon housing development at Greenwatt Way in Slough where overheating would have been a problem for old style storage heaters.

“The results were very promising, with all those who took part in the trial recommending the new heater,” Stevie said. “The key selling point for them all was the level of control and comfort that can be achieved with better value for the money they spent on energy.

“Dimplex started to manufacture the heaters in October and already interest has been phenomenal with strong orders from companies like Hanover Housing, for whom we replace over £1 million worth of storage heaters every year.”

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