SSE Enterprise Telecoms opens new Network Operations Centre

Network Operation Centre

SSE Enterprise Telecoms has opened its third Network Operation Centre (NOC) in Berkshire.

The network provider’s new facility will underpin its commitment to provide high availability services for its customers and ensure it has the most reliable, high capacity network in the industry.

Going beyond the traditional high availability standard of two NOCs, the new facility provides its risk-averse customers with an extra layer of reliability.

With existing NOCs in Hampshire and Perthshire, SSE Enterprise Telecoms has made its portfolio more geographically diverse and increased the resilience of its network in the event of disruption at any of its sites.

Colin Sempill, Managing Director of SSE Enterprise Telecoms, said: “We have always strived to deliver the most resilient, high capacity network in the UK and this is why we work with some of the most risk-averse enterprises.”

“Engineering excellence is built into our DNA and we recognise the importance of evolving to meet customer demand. With an ever increasing portfolio of high profile security and network availability conscious blue chip customers, as well as our own energy generation, distribution and supply businesses, our third live Network Operations Centre is designed to demonstrate our commitment to providing a non-stop network service.”

He added: “We like to keep sight of the future. There is no doubt that the Internet of Things is gaining ground and smart cities are increasingly looking less futuristic. While we may have laid good foundations to support the connectivity needs of these two trends, it’s inevitable, in these volatile times that the risk of downtime due to unexpected events will be increasingly feared.

“With SSE Enterprise Telecoms, however, fear of downtime is misplaced, as it is precisely this type of investment which means that our service availability is second to none.”


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