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Services for your home - gas, electricity, broadband, heating and more

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Find out more about services for your home.

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Sustainable residential and commercial development

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Energy efficiency is a key part of 21st century construction.  And SSE Enterprise is a leader in the utility sector. It is the first development in London for SSE Enterprise Utilities that incorporates electric, gas, water, foul and heat networks. Find out more

SSE Enterprise - Essential services for business, delivered with energy

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Every day, the UK depends on its leading businesses and public services to keep the country running. In turn, many of these organisations rely on SSE Enterprise for the essential services they need to operate effectively.

Solar panels to ‘smart’ buildings: energy in the construction industry

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Experts from the UK's construction sector came together with The Telegraph for a round table discussion about energy efficiency. Catch up on what happened. Find out more

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