Flexible electricity and gas contracts

Flexible contracts are energy supply agreements for electricity or gas where you can buy your energy in increments, at times to suit you during the contract period. This method allows you to manage your own risk with the potential to take advantage of beneficial market movements.

You’re in control throughout the entire contract and your buying patterns can be devised to reflect your business strategy and performance. For example, over a two year contract, purchases can be made monthly, quarterly, by season or using a combination of all three.

Typically this type of contract would be suitable for customers who use large amounts of energy or where energy cost is a big overhead.

How flexible contracts work

SSE calculates your average capacity by looking at the historic load shape of your business. Transparency of all contract costs is provided.

As a customer, you or other authorised personnel will have direct access to the SSE trading team. This means you can obtain market prices and make decisions on your energy purchase in a short time, allowing you to react to the market as quickly as possible.

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