Third party sleeving contract

Third party sleeving can help your business get better value for money from your electricity supply contracts.

If your business uses a large amount of energy, you need a lot more flexibility over how and when you fix your energy prices.

The needs of industrial and commercial power users have changed significantly over the past five years. Fluctuating energy prices, economic difficulties and challenging environmental obligations have led high energy users to seek smarter options from their electricity supply contracts. ‘Third party sleeving’ offers a possible solution. It’s a flexible contract with a big difference. While it allows you to purchase energy in increments during the contract period, you’re not restricted to the prices offered by your incumbent supplier. Instead, you’re able to contact other suppliers (through a ‘ring round’ exercise) in order to get the best price available across the industry at the time of purchase.

With the relevant agreements and criteria in place, SSE can work alongside other suppliers to support the third party sleeving process. If another supplier is able to offer a better price, a trade will take place between the two suppliers so that you benefit from the best offered price without changing supplier.

When you are looking to make a trade, you can either contact the supplier trading desks directly or you can use a third party intermediary (TPI) to act on your behalf.

The benefits of third party sleeving

Your business can benefit from third party sleeving in a number of ways, allowing you to:

  • Gain greater transparency when purchasing energy
  • Enjoy complete price transparency with a spread of prices across the market
  • Reduce the risk of being shown uncompetitive rates
  • Secure your energy at the most competitive price available without changing supplier
  • Maintain control and flexibility over your power supply
  • Keep your energy bill as low as it can be

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