Smart Buildings - Remote Optimal Brochure

What does Remote Optimal do?

Remote Optimal is designed to give you a great deal more for less:

  • A sustainable energy strategy that gives you transparent accountability and a way to set and reach your energy objectives
  • Considerable reductions in the amount of energy you use and in operational spend
  • A built environment that people find comfortable to be in: customers, staff and visitors, whose wellbeing you’ve
    properly taken care of.

Based in our Energy Management Centre (EMC), our experts will monitor, calibrate and then optimise your HVAC system.

This lets you both maximise your energy savings and still achieve the optimal environmental conditions that ensure
all your people always feel comfortable. SSE Remote Optimal means that you are now able to control the energy management systems of your most diffuse, complex estates with much more finesse and precision to deliver tangible results.

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