Smart Cities - Amey

Using Mayflower CMS, Amey have been better informed of road surface and air temperatures, optimising the decision-making process for winter gritting routes.

Winter maintenance costs for UK highway authorities are increasing yearly. In 2010 the Quarmby Review estimated the total winter maintenance budget across England to be about £160 million per year. Amey undertakes planned, reactive and emergency maintenance on 9,000km of roads in Hampshire in partnership with Hampshire County Council, as part of its Hampshire TMC Winter Service project. Its winter services include gritting when road surface temperatures drop close to freezing or below. It receives weather data from the Met office, which is used to make the go/nogo decision for gritting routes.

Mayflower currently monitors and manages over 155,000 street lights in Hampshire using its Central Management System (CMS). The CMS installation provides an opportunity for city managers to utilise the communications network to bring data from additional compatible sensors.

In April 2016, Amey approached Mayflower to discuss an alternative solution to the excessive gritting of the highways in Hampshire.

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