Smart Cities and Places - Enabling the transition to Net Zero

Net zero carbon living and gigabit speeds for all are now targets, not aspirational dreams. Increased connectivity and technology can make our day-to-day lives healthier, more efficient, sustainable and safe through the delivery of ‘smart services’ that drive down cost and improve efficiency.


With new technology innovations such as 5G, machine learning, cloud technology and edge processing, we now have the tools required to transform passive assets to smart assets and hence enable processes to create smart places, smart towns and smart cities.

SSE has over 40 years’ experience in energy asset development and management for both public and private sector clients. Our Distributed Energy business delivers a wide range of energy services and is at the forefront in ensuring these solutions address the needs of a data driven, sustainable world including: distributed generation, energy storage, smart grids, energy trading, smart buildings, smart street lighting and EV charging — all helping to build the infrastructure backbone of smart cities and places.

Mayflower Smart Cities and Places builds on our proven Central Management System (CMS) and utilises the existing smart lighting network infrastructure to deliver the latest technologies, and enable healthier, safer and more sustainable communities.


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