Fibre in the Sewers provides Victorian solution to modern communications problem

Smart cities rely on communication to be the bedrock of the technology required to bring all the different facets of it to life.

And nowhere is this truer than an innovative partnership between SSE Enterprise Telecoms and Thames Water, which saw fibre optic cables deployed in London’s waste water system.

The agreement allows networks to be created up to ten times faster; more directly and securely, in key business areas such as the City of London using the existing waste water system.

SSE Enterprise Telecoms, is one of the UK’s leading connectivity suppliers, enabled the distribution of its fibre optic cables throughout Thames Water’s waste water network.

“Businesses fundamentally rely on their network to underpin everyday operations,” explains Paul Clark at SSE Enterprise Telecoms.

“With an ever-increasing demand for connectivity, network infrastructures require higher resiliency and improved diversity. Estimates suggest there are as many as 3,000 enterprises in the finance and insurance sectors in the City of London area alone, each vying for connectivity. This has made the demand for unique, truly diverse network routes hard to achieve. We’ve identified a way to solve this by leveraging the waste water network.”

By utilising Thames Water’s already existing waste water system, SSE Enterprise Telecoms will be able to reduce network deployment costs by 60% and deploy connectivity services up to 10 times faster than through traditional digs.

“Our Victorian sewers are already home to a number of pipes and cables belonging to other utility companies and we’re glad to also now be supporting SSE Enterprise Telecoms,” said Richard Hill, Head of Property, Thames Water.

“Reducing roadworks and traffic congestion is something hugely important to us so it’s great to help a fellow utility company do the same by allowing them to make use of our existing infrastructure.”

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