Electric vehicle technology has developed rapidly in recent years and EV numbers on the roads are increasing as the government seeks to decarbonise transport in the UK

However, charging can prove a headache for those in flats or without driveway parking.

SSE Enterprise is contributing to an innovative electric vehicle charging large scale demonstrator project to design and install charging ‘hubs’ which will enable residents, businesses and visitors to charge their cars overnight at up to 35 local authority owned car parks in Oxford city and also across the county.

SSE Enterprise is working within a consortium and is leading on the installation of the chargers and connection to the electrical network. The research partner in the Park & Charge project is the Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford who will collect and analyse data to monitor the trial and integrate the lessons learned.

Other members of the delivery consortium are Zeta Group, Oxford City Council, Oxfordshire County Council, and [ui!] uk. A Government grant, through Innovate UK, is contributing to implement the charging points which operate in an optimised manner, minimising the impact to the grid.


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