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Customer Access Terminal (CAT)

With growing pressures on companies to reduce their carbon footprint, more and more of them are now monitoring their usage using Building Management Systems. In order for you to monitor the electricity aspect of your energy SSE Metering can install a Customer Access Terminal (CAT) box adjacent to the SSE Metering panel. This will allow you to connect your cable without breaking any metering seals.

Available pulses are active (KWh), reactive (KVArh) as both import and export, KVAh and synchronised 30 minute pulse.

We can also provide many other services for your metering needs

All contestable works for a new connection including:

  • Current transformers and test blocks – we can supply and install CoP compliant CTs and test facilities and provide certification necessary for Audit requirement.
  • Remote Metering panels – we can supply and install Remote Metering panels.
  • Remote Code of Practice complaint Metering panels – we supply and install remote metering panels, to the additional service list.
  • Multicore cable connections – we can connect your multicore cable at both the VT and Meter panel ends.
  • FITs and ROCs Metering – we have a wide range of meters and tariffs to cover all your generation needs.
  • Communications equipment – we can supply and install a wide range of communications devices including GSM, GPRS, LAN, PSTN and MODBUS systems (additional metering equipment may be required).

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